Fire Protective Coating for Electrical Cables

The dangers of fire spread along combustible substrates is of particular concern especially where cables and plastic pipes are involved.

Insulation and jacketing of electrical cables consist of:

PVC polyvinyl chloride

PE Polyethylene

PP Polypropylene

Synthetic rubber

All PVC Polyvinyl Chloride, PE Polyethylene, PP Polypropylene and Synthetic Rubber plastics are combustible, thus propagation of fire generated by electrical overload, short circuit or external sources (molten metal) especially when cables are laid in bundles.

To prevent the fire spread the following protective coatings are recommended:


A non-intumescent coating providing excellent adhesion, mechanical endurance especially developed for the prevention of fire propagation of electrical cables.

KBS Coating has also been tested outdoors for 30 years without any deterioration.


A water based intumescent fire retardant. Pyrosafe WB provides excellent fire proofing properties for electrical cables as well as other substrates such as wood. The coating however cannot be used in moist or damp environment.

Please note the selection of the above products are based on field experience, supplier support and quality in manufacturing but our skill in contracting does not limit us to their use exclusively.

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